The Supreme Medical Council

Supreme Medical Council

Consists of 75 members -
representatives of Polish physicians
and dental practitioners elected
at the General Assembly.


 Dr Maciej Hamankiewicz

Dr Maciej Hamankiewicz

Dr Zyta Kaźmierczak-Zagórska
Dr Romuald Krajewski
Dr Agnieszka Ruchała - Tyszler

Dr Konstanty Radziwill

Deputy Secretary
Dr Anna Lella

Dr Wojciech Marquardt

Members of the Presidium:
Dr Mariusz Janikowski
Dr Marek Jodłowski
Dr Jolanta Szczurko
Dr Stefan Sobczynski

The Supreme Medical Council:

  • implements resolutions of the General Assembly of the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists;
  • supervises the correct execution of tasks of the self-government of physicians and dentists;
  • coordinates and supervises activities of regional medical councils;
  • represents the medical professions before the public administration agencies and political and social organizations;
  • develops framework rules of organization and functioning of the bodies of regional chambers;
  • adopts the election law to the bodies of self-government of physicians and dentists, and the procedure for removal of such bodies and their members;
  • defines the rules of resolution-making by the bodies of the self-government of physicians and dentists;
  • adopts the rules of financial management of the self-government of physicians and dentists;
  • fixes the membership fee;
  • examines appeals against resolutions of regional medical councils;
  • analyzes and delivers opinions on the orientation of the development of human health protection;
  • negotiates the conditions of employment and remuneration of physicians and dentists;
  • adopts budget of the Supreme Medical Council and examines reports on its execution;
  • keeps the Central Register of Physicians and Dental Practitioners of the Republic of Poland.